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SCSI drive won't spin up! Ideas?

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I have a 160MB 1993 Apple SCSI hard drive, and it used to work connected to the backplate of a drive enclosure. I removed the SCSI connectors from said back plate, and now the hard drive, connected to those connectors, will NOT spin up when I apply Molex power.


Does anybody know how to fix it?


P.S. I checked the Molex voltage and it was 5V,

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Have you tried it in a few different systems where other hard drives work?


If you can't get it to spin up anywhere then it's probably dead, especially if it's a Quantum brand drive. 50-pin SCSI drives are dropping like flies; working examples are getting hard to find and, even when found, should not be considered reliable. You're better off putting your time and effort into getting a newer SCSI drive with a 50-pin adapter, or just getting a SCSI2SD.

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Those "SCSI Connectors" you removed aren't some sort of external termination block/pack, right? Any pictures of what you're talking about? I'd also second the suggestion of a replacement. I have an 80mb and 500mb scsi drive in my LCIII, Power Mac 6100 respectively and while they still spin up and run it's probably only a matter of time before they give out.

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On 7/18/2017 at 5:56 PM, tanuki65 said:

I found the problem, it was a faulty power supply. My home built pc makes the drive run, and my SE is happily booting. Thanks!

Real quick if you start to have the same problem again but its not the psu. The likely reason that i have come across is bed caps so look into replacing them while you can


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