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PowerBook G3 - Lombard/Pismo screen

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Good morning all,

Hope you had a nice weekend!


My question here today, I want to ask - Ive located PowerBook G3 Pismo (Firewire) but damaged screen as something sharp must've fallen on the top and damaged the lid and screen itself, this fellow tested and can hear a chime but no video. So I've bought it and its on its way.

Ive managed to locate another PowerBook G3 Lombard (Bronze) - apparently the logicboard doesnt work but good screen/lid. SO what I was thinking, to do screen swap from the hinge and connectors but leaving the display alone in one piece and fit it on Pismo model.

Question: Are the connectors (logicboard to screen's hinge ribbon) both the same? I'm having difficulty of time trying to find solid answer.


Thank you once again


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Yes they are. The differences are that the Pismo screen lid assembly includes a Wifi antenna , with the wire running out under the hinge cover (the part with power button) to connect to the eventual Airport card on the left side. Also the front lid reads "Macintosh PowerBook G3" on the Lombard, and only "PowerBook" on the Pismo, highly important cosmetic issue.

So they swap very easily . In fact putting a whole Lombard screen assembly on a Pismo is even the easier than doing the opposite cause you don't have to find a place for that antenna wire.

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I am going to hijack this thread as I am in a similar situation.

I have a Wallstreet with a bad display panel (some stuck vertical lines) as well as a Pismo with a lot of missing parts but a working screen.

The idea was to swap the Pismo Panel into the Wallstreet. Any chance this could fit?

Was seeing contrary statements on the web on this as well. Some say the Pismo panel works but won't fit too well into the Wallstreet lid, others say it does not work at all.

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never tried, but I don’t think it would work. Wallstreet 14" screens are Samsung LT141x2-124 (though there may have been other brands too). Pismo uses Samsung LT141X7-124.

Maybe fit and connections would work but you have to be very careful cause voltage to the screen may be different, inverters are not the same. Better stick with the correct part ref.
Read one funny experience of mine here :
Can try , but be ready to shut/unplug your Powerbook very fast in any case... Would be curious to know the results if you try.
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