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Powerbook 3400c external CD boot?

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Though this would be straight forward, but I am having difficulty booting a PB 3400c with an external CDROM (Apple 600e). I just get the flashing disk on the screen. This is following replacement of hard drive. Holding C doesn't do anything, neither does CMD-SHFT-OPT-DEL-SCSI_ID. I dont even hear or get any activity on the CDROM. This is a working CDROM, use it all the time.


What am I missing here?



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I also just tried a CF card and adapter in a 3400c, and had no luck. I had a card that would boot from a PC Card adapter without a problem, but when installed internally, the boot process would freeze on the grey screen with a stuck mouse pointer. Swapped back to the 2GB hard drive, and that's working just fine.

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