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Replacing iMac G3 CD Drive with DVDRW

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The title has been successful except for 2 things.


1. I'm not sure how to unscrew the CD drive from the iMac.

It looks like I have to unscrew it from both sides, but there's no way to get to the other side, because of this circuit:

how_circut.png (thx, imgbb)


2. The laptop-drive to IDE(?) adapter isn't very useful

You know how iMac slot loaders use laptop drives? (Yes, I bought a SuperDrive meant for the G3, not any other computer.)

Well, I tried to use the adapter for the CD drive that came with the iMac.

One problem...




I would buy another one, but I don't know what to search for. I searched for Laptop Drive to IDE, but nothing useful to me came up.

Also tried: "Apple Laptop Drive to IDE", "Laptop Drive to Apple 40 pin", etc.

Mainly, I need help with this more than the first one.

Tell me what to look for. An adapter like the CD to "IDE?" didn't come with my drive.

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I was looking for these a week or two ago.   But not for putting into an iMac so I may not have been looking at hte form factor you need. The difficulty I found is that most of these do not have a jumper for setting Master/Slave.












I found these two part numbers for ones that seem to have slave master jumpers:  APA-CD2-JP or APA-CD1-JP.    I have a reply from an online company saying that they're $5..75 plus shipping.  I'm trying to decide whether to order some.   I don't know that there would be any advantage to doing a group order (lower unit shipping costs, negated by sending them off to participants/).





The 1 is for regular 40 pin IDE cable and the 2 is for 44 pin laptop cable.


Slot load DVDRW IDE drives at Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B7XYZO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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"CD1" will not work in the iMac because of it's dependence on a normal PC power supply.


"CD2" might work. I'll try to order it and see if I blow up my iMac in the process. I'll keep all you in the thread updated on that.

All those Amazon links (not the ebay one) won't fit in the iMac either for the same reason as "CD1".

That eBay link might, but it's been sold.

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One reason I posted so many links was so that you could glean common search terms from the titles.   One of your requests was for search terms.


Slimline and JAE ????   seem to be common, where ???? is some number I'm too lazy to go look for.

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