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SE/30 won't boot from ROM

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I got myself one of those ROM SIMMs that take four PLCC32 chips to put into my SE/30 mainly to make it 32bit clean by flashing on a IIsi ROM.

I put in four 4mbit chips and flashed on bbrauns 2MB pre-modified IIsi ROM+boot image.

Flashing took place in an external programmer by programming each chip on its own.

Pretty sure I got the interleaving right as the SE/30 is working fine so far in 32bit mode right from the start. Booting from SCSI as well as floppy works as usual.


Once I tried to boot the included ROM image I just get a floppy icon with an "x" in it. Shouldn't the pre-modified ROM from bbraun boot all II-era Macs including the SE/30?

I tried making my own image and appending it to the ROM but got the same results. I did try various installs of 7.0.1 ranging from minimum for SE/30, minimum for IIsi and also minimum for all supported machines.


Did I overlook something here?

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