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Hi guys,


Here's a scenario that only the experienced gurus of the Mac Liberation Army can answer.


I'm using a Quad core G5 for games that span the old  Mac Classic all the way to Mac OS (10.4-ish)


I'm stuck between two setups for the G5:


1 - Mac OS 10.4.11 using Classic mode and playing games that only support up to 10.4


2 - Mac OS 10.5.8 supplemented with Mini V Mac and Sheepsaver to play all games up to Mac OS 9.01 and then OS 10.5.8 for the rest



I've been told that OS 10.5.8 has some optimizations for the G5 that 10.4.11 doesn't


I've also been told that the universal binary for 10.5.8 runs slower than 10.4.11 which is still PPC oriented


There are some issues with Classic mode also:  can't mount a CD that Classic Mode games can see, for example


If any1 has any experience with this that would be great.


BTW, the G5 has

- Quad Core 11,2 hardware

- 16GB of RAM

-  SATA III SSD (I understand the G5 doesn't have a SATA II interface though)


Please let me know what you guys think.

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For general use, 10.5.8 on a Quad is a no-brainer, but if you need 10.4 for Classic I'd install another SATA HD in the drive bay and switch over to that when required.  You could also partition a single drive for both, but this would be a simpler solution.

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Thx again for all the help guys.


Since I'm still pretty nooby around macs...


For the dual booting solution, once I have a drive with two partitions and both versions on them, would I use the Startup Disk utility in System Preferences to switch or is there a boot manager for 10.4 & 10.5?

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The option key's not a terribly optimal solution, though - I admit I haven't tried it on a G5, but on G3/G4 Macs it takes forever to scan for all possible bootable volumes before actually letting you choose one. It's more useful in a pinch if one of your bootable drives gets messed up to the point where you can't open the control panel.

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Just to loop back on the original purpose of the thread.


10.5.8 works MUCH better on this hardware than 10.4.11 (Power Mac G5 11,2)


TenFourFox, web pages in general, system prefs, etc.

Only thing that hasn't changed is Stuffit's crappy performance.


So I guess that answers my question around whether the PPC specific 10.4 is better or worse than the 10.5 universal (but G5 optimized) binary.


Know if only Sheepshaver would cooperate...


Thanks again guys.

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Try The UnArchiver.  It's got great support on modern OS X systems and I believe there are some older versions that are PPC compatible.


Main Page: https://unarchiver.c3.cx/unarchiver

link to all older versions (not sure which is the last to support 10.5/ppc): http://wakaba.c3.cx/releases/TheUnarchiver/

Change log, maybe it gives some info on last one to run PPC: https://unarchiver.c3.cx/changes


... got bored, read through, looks like there is actually a "legacy" version available, a branch that is kept in sync with the current version... at least as of 3.6.  At any rate, good luck :)


Edited to add: read main page carefully, link to legacy version is just a hyperlink below main download and app store download buttons.

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Also, just to add, the unarchiver also works on Windows (through the lsar/unar command line utilities, but don't be afraid of the command line, it works really well!) only problem is it will stomp all over the resource forks.


On Mac OS 10, it will respect the resource forks, and should probably offer better archiving performance than stuffit.

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