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My SE/30 is Up and Running

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Hello everyone.  I got my SE/30 up and running yesterday.  I brought it out of storage last week to replace the dirty ROM with a clean one from bigmessowires but the CRT display would blink on and off.  I left it on for a while and it eventually stopped that, but it tried to boot but hung.  Then after that every power cycle it would give me nothing but black and white horizontal lines on the CRT.  Suspecting a bad power supply, I ordered a replacement and installed it.  No more CRT blinking but just black and white horizontal lines.  According to the Repair Macintosh SE/30 online, I needed to clean connectors.  So I cleaned all the connections on the MB especially the power connector and it woke up and booted like a long lost friend.  I immediately backed up the system drive and have been playing with my Floppy EMUs to see how it acts with the SE/30.


How do I force the SE/30 to boot from the EMU if it's connected to the external floppy port?


I eventually intend to replace the system drive with a SCSI2SD v5 and clean boot into 7.5.5.  I wonder if I can figure out how to boot into 8.1?


I'll let you know,


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Thank you for your responses.  When I bought the SE/30 a couple of years ago, the motherboard caps had already been replaced, but that apparently didn't include the power supply.


I'm using the model A Floppy EMU in floppy mode to boot the SE/30.  I've been exchanging emails with Steve Chamberlin of Big Mess O Wires trying to figure out why I can't boot my LC475 from my model A Floppy EMU.  When I disconnect the SCSI2SD system drive and the external SCSI devices, that Mac comes up with a 3.5 floppy icon on the screen with an X on it.  Steve thought it might be a corrupted image but the Disk First Aid tool on the SE/30 reports the image is good.  To help troubleshoot I'm also am trying to boot the SE/30 from the Floppy EMU (in floppy mode) but it does the same thing and skips the EMU and boots from the HD.  That's why i was asking about booting from an external floppy.  On Apple IIs, you can only boot on the first drive assigned to a slot and I didn't know if Macs had the same restriction.


I actually have to complete model As and both units do the same thing with their own respective images.  I recently purchased a couple of model B Floppy EMUs and I guess I'm going to have to re-flash one over to the Mac firmware and see if it will work then.


Very Confusing. Thanks for any suggestions.  Given Steve's confusion as to why it doesn't work I suspect I'm doing something wrong but I just don't know what yet.



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