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Interest In Larger Custom Rom?

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Hey all, I know our friends over at BMOW have their rom module for sale at 2mb and there's one on ebay thats 1mb,

but I have a design in progress for a 8MB (ish) simm that would allow for the installation for bigger ramdisks and the like.

Throwing out a feeler here, anyone interested?


OW ill probably just fab up some boards for my own use.

(oh and buy BMOW's programmer because finding 72 simm slots is impossible :p )

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I believe dougg's ROM simm was originally 2MB/8MB. I believe the latest BMOW is 4MB. I would be interested in an 8MB SIMM, not sure why Mr. Chamberlain hasn't offered one.... anyway, here is your chance to capitalize on, you can use douggs 8MB design, and get some new ones made. (Now you are making me contemplate contacting my local PCB fab)

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Yes Im aware of douggs design, but its not licensed commercially so I couldn't legally use his design to make money off of, even if I was charging exact value,

hence the need for my own design, but its pretty simple, just 21 or so address lines and the data bus, then making sure I have decoupling caps, and programming

pins that work with the associated programmer. Luckily maxor just started up a new 5v eeprom run so chips are somewhat inexpensive now.

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Quick post before bed, running this through it'll probably be $3-4 per pcb, then for each flash chip it could run from as little as $1 per to as much as $10 per depending on sourcing/ebay luck, the 16mb version is quite uncommon. So if I sold them at cost it'd be $30-50+shipping, realistically it would be $55 (ish) after taking into account per unit shipping and testing/assembly time. So around 1.4 times BMOW prices for 2x the storage :).

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