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SE/30 boot pattern / recap question

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I just picked up a nice SE/30 and on boot I got this pattern. I swapped the board into my known working SE/30 and got the same pattern, so I know its not AB/power related. I'm assuming this pattern is typical for a board needing a recap, but want to confirm as I didn't see it on the repair SE/30 site. The board itself is clean with no cap leakage and a perfectly intact battery (Tadiran, not Maxell), but of course visual inspection can only say so much. Board image attached (and yes, I know the CPU isn't on it in the photo, it was when tested tho  :) )






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Oh and by the way, I hope you already noticed this, but your CPU Socket is empty on your SE/30 board!! Congrats, you found a socketed board :D


Figured you might need this reminder as everything else removable was installed, so maybe you might have forgotten about the CPU?

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