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System 7.1.1 (Pro) vs. 7.5.5 for my SE/30

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I'm sure this topic has been asked many times, but I want to know everyone's latest thoughts on the matter.


System 7.1 seems to be slightly more lightweight than 7.5, but is it really a significant difference? I realize that almost all of the functionality in 7.5 can be added to 7.1.1 by copying the control panels over (PC Exchange especially comes to mind). I plan on using system picker to pick between 6.0.8, some version of 7 (7.1.1 or 7.5.5) and 8.1. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!

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Tbh we probably should make a sticky to document the process for this at some point.....

but I've had the most stability with 7.1.1 pro patched up with system update 3 for all of the 7.5.x stuff. It also boots around a minute and a half faster so that's a (mac) plus.

I haven't had anything that setup cant run reasonably well, save for the standard old compatibility issues that require running system 6 or 5/4.

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System Picker is an application (I think that's the System Picker the OP is referencing): 



You can have multiple Systems on a partition and use System Picker to choose which one you want to use at your next boot. The key with having multiple systems on one partition is to make sure your system folders are named differently. For instance, name one System 7.1 and another System 7.5. (Rather than have both named 'System Folder')


I've never gotten System Picker to work across partitions... not sure if it does, but never worked for me that way. Good luck!

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Yes, that system picker is the one!


You can have 2GB partitions, put all of your systems on one partition; 6.0.8 + 7.1.1 (+ some other version of Sys7 if wanted) + 8.1 should all fit on 2GB with plenty of space left over. If the remaining space on that volume is not enough, you can make more 2GB volumes to hold things like programs, documents, etc.

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