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Hi guys,


With your help I got the G5 (hardware 11,2) running Classic Mode.


BadGoldEagle posted a link to a Classic Mode tutorial



but the Classic mode on my G5 seems to behave differently


A couple of things:

1 - I can't seem to get a version of Stuffit to install in the Classic environment.  Stuffit  651 installs but it's in the OSX environment.  Stuffit 703 starts the install but then it states that it cannot install in the OSX environment.  I had thought that with Classic Mode installed, if a program can't run in OSX it runs it in Classic (9.2.2 in my case)

2 - I don't know how to mount a DSK file in the 9.2.2 classic environment.  The stuff on the web seems to all talk about how to mount it in OS 10.x

3 - Sometimes when I start Classic Mode it starts a utility that asks me to specify a disk to use.  I'm not sure what to do when that happens.  I thought Classic mode would just see the files I see in OSX.


Sorry for all the noob questions.  I'm totally lost :0





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