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Macintosh Color Classic: Screen goes purple to white

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I recently got this Color Classic and it has just started exhibiting this issue today. The screen will go from its normal color to purple (and flicker a bunch sometimes) and then back repeatedly during use. I recorded a video so you can see what I mean. I'm guessing it might have something to do with caps but I honestly have no idea. I would think it's almost like it's changing adjustments but then it flickers a lot too so I don't think that's it.


Here is a video: https://youtu.be/atxJzhz73ME

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If it's not the pots, there's another spot on the analog board that can give those symptoms - mine had the same flickering purple issue. A couple of dry solder joints underneath the highlighted part marked below - and especially bad on the green, which was dropping out (leaving R+B = Purple)



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Mine had that problem as well. Cleaning the pots, checking and redoing most of the solder joints on analog and neck board did not fully solve it.

It is also possible that there is bad contact on the harness connector of either the analog or logicboard.

Also make sure the grounding tab spacer spring thingies under the logicboard are actually touching the metal cage.

My cage was slightly bent and the flickering colors seem to have been gone for me since I fixed that.

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