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Macintosh SE/30 floppy drive

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Around one month ago SE/30 worked perfectly.


Two weeks ago I purchased some floppies with old software at ebay. I tried to copy/install software from they but all of them contains disk errors.


Afters this I tried to copy files from my MacBook Pro to SE/30 via USB FDD. MacBook formatted and recorded floppies without any problem (FAT12), but when I tried to read them on SE/30 I got a disk errors.


Today I repeated this and SE/30 shows that floppy disk has 500 kb free - that is right, because I writed almost 1 mb on it. But there is no files on the disk!


Should I replace FDD in SE/30?

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does your SE/30 have original capacitors or have they been replaced?  is there a way to clean the reading head with alcohol?   


I opened Mac today and saw a leaked electrolytic glue around the capacitors. So I will try to clean motherboard by first.

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