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I’m looking for a new power adapter for a 5-port Asanté FriendlyNet Ethernet hub (since I bought it without one). 


The hub states 5VDC but how many amps is the output?


I have tried 1A but can’t get a stable network going between my PowerBook G3 (Pismo) and Mac IIcx (MacCon+). (They sometimes show up in the Chooser).


The strange thing is, when I use port 5 for the Mac IIcx, next to the up-link port connected to my cbn router, I can connect to the Mac IIcx from the PowerBook, but when I try to connect from the Mac IIcx to the PowerBook the chooser crashes.


Help really appreciated!




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I don't have one of those to check, but can say that judging by the sheer size of hub adapters I've come across, you'll surely need more than a 1a adapter. You also can't have less than 5v, but you can have a bit more.


A bit more? I have an adaptor with +12VDC 2,333A is that too much?

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The adapter I'm using with mine is a 5V, 1A, and it works fine with a full load of connected devices.


You would’t happen to have a MacCon+ card connected? If so, is the port light indicator suppose to be off, except when sending?

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Check for bad caps on the Friendly Net hub's circuit board. I picked up a d-link 12 port 100bps hub a few years ago and it had a bunch of bad 10 uF radial caps on board.


Do you think it could have something to do with incompatible power supply or just normal wear and tear?

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