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Macintosh IIfx Won't Read Audio CDs

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Last night, I hooked up my Apple CD 300e Plus external drive to try out the Apple Service Source discs I received during the DuoDock conquest earlier this year. While these Apple-formatted discs read perfectly on the 300e, I was unable to play any music/audio CDs on the drive (I was asked to initialize the CD). The same problem occurred with my Pioneer DRM-602x. 


Now I've successfully played audio CDs on my SE/30 (when it was working) with the same CD drives running System 7.1.  I don't see what the issue is with the IIfx, as it is currently running a clean install of System 7.1. I should also add that the IIfx is in perfect running condition (the capacitors on both the power supply and motherboard were redone a couple of years back). Hard drive is in great shape, too. 



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Ok, all is good now. I found the extensions on my Performa 580 installer disc; not sure why they were not included on the 7.1 floppies. 


On another note, has anyone here ever devised a way to connect the audio outputs of the Apple 300e to play sound through the Macs' internal speaker? I can hear soundbites from non-music CDs on the internal speaker, but if I play an audio disc, I cannot hear any music without hooking up a pair of speakers to the external CD drive. 

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Anonymous Freak! I beg to differ! 


The audio input on mostbeige macs is in fact a line-level input; that's why it uses the weird-ass long TRS for the PlainTalk microphones! Those mics have an inbuilt pre-amplifier to bring the microphone output to line level, the extra position on the connector is for 5V to power that. 

If you use a standard 3.5mm connection, the Mac will in fact take line-level with no issues :) 

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