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Original mac demo program?

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Probably lost somewhere, someone here tried to recreate the demo, but don't know if he was able to finished it.


Keep in mind that the demo worked in the prototype of the 512k (the board was a 512 in the original 128 casing) the original Macintosh was not able to make it work.

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Yeah. Unfortunately, like Bibilit said, it wasn't possible to run the demo on a 128k in 1984. It still isn't possible today. That demo required so much RAM!!


slomacuser recreated the original 1984 demo. It's the one from the Macintosh Introduction during Apple's Annual Shareholders Meeting on January 24, 1984.

He used to host it somewhere on the 68kmla I think, but the link went dead.


The files won't fit on a single 400k disk either. You need two 800k floppies. So it works on a 512Ke and up (even on an SE/30)


I asked him to send me the files, and here they are:

Here is the HD20 version for floppy EMU https://dl.dropboxus...10/HD20.dsk.zip

and here is the 800k version, use the startup disk first

https://dl.dropboxus...System DIsk.dsk

https://dl.dropboxus... Intro 800k.dsk


It even works on mini vMac.


All credit goes to slomacuser! This demo is awesome!

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