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May not be relevant... (Munchies. No, the game. For Mac.)

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I bought Munchies from Micheal Fan by mail order near the end of summer 2016, then I didn't get it until a month later. When I did get it, the key didn't work. I then proceeded to ask him for a different key and he told me to type it exactly. But, I typed it exactly before. I sent him a picture of my iMac G3's screen of how it DIDN'T WORK and then he ignored me and wouldn't give me another key.

Can anyone help? I don't want to resort to piracy, and I don't even think there are cracked versions of Munchies that exist.

Also, BTW, I did try other versions of Munchies.

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The macintosh garden is not a pirate site. And you can get it there.

If you already paid for the game, there's no problem. 

But, to "activate" the game I have to enter a code and Micheal gave me the wrong code.

I didn't say Macintosh Garden was a Pirate site. There aren't any Cracks to activate munchies on there, so no piracy.

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I am sure this will be shut down, but will add my $.02 before the plugged is pulled.


I thought this was some sort of cryptic reference to a software 'archive' that I did not know about, until I clicked and saw what you mean. It really is on the Web site of some sort of chicken place.

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