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Repairing A Macintosh Plus

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Hello everyone, I recently bought a Mac Plus on eBay, with a power cord. It did not come with a mouse or keyboard, and the seller priced them more then the computer itself. Thankfully, it's PRAM battery had been removed, even though the contacts were slightly corroded.


The first time I tried to start it, it came up to a sad Mac with error 038000 on it. I checked and reseated the RAM, to no avail. I recently ordered 4x1 MB ram sticks, and when they come I'll keep you posted.


I got it from the state next to mine, so shipping was not a complete killer. It unfortunately is missing the screw under the battery cover, but I think that is all right. I am going to build an adapter for a keyboard and mouse so I can use modern peripherals, unless someone is willing to donate them.


I am a young person who is interested in old computers, and trying to fix them. If I get it working, I will keep this forum updated. If anyone has any advice in the meantime, it is very welcome.




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