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Yeah you're right. That is indeed a memory problem. According to Larry Pina's The Dead Mac Scrolls this code means there's an issue with SIMMS 2 and/or 4.

You should open it up, remove the logic board as well as the 4 simms, clean the pads/sockets and retry. 

But the RAM is probably bad. It happens. You can get new simms on sites like welovemacs or any equivalent.

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IIRC the minimum is 1 Meg, meaning all slots populated with 256 k sticks, Yes you need to have all of them populated, using two 1 Meg in the A bank (the one closer to the Processor) and leaving 256 Ks in the B Bank will give you 2,5 Mo of memory... but a pair of resistors should been removed or clipped (R8 and R9)


Max ram is 4 Meg.


Yes standard 30 pin simm 150ns.

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I got my Plus keyboard off ebay for $30 late last year and the mice are a fair bit more common. Seems reasonable enough, however just note you might need to find a straight through 4P4C cable depending on whether or not the keyboard comes with one. The ones from a telephone headset are crossed and will most likely damage the computer, keyboard or both.

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