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Powerbook 180 Battery/Power Issue

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I pulled out my Powerbook 180 for the first time since I moved (several months) and fired it up.  I have a new battery I bought not too long ago, so it holds a charge pretty well.  The machine fired up and was working fine.  After a bit, I got a message saying "Your battery is not charging.  Check the power adapter and electrical outlet connections."  


The machine is definitely plugged into a good AC outlet and the adapter is definitely plugged in.  When the machine is on, the battery application indicates the battery is being charged, but at the same time the machine is giving the flashing battery warning in the top left.  The battery drains and the machine shuts off; it won't start up without a charged battery installed.


I tried resetting the power manager (by removing the battery/power adapter for 3 minutes and then pressing the two recessed buttons for c. 30 seconds), but no dice.


I am guessing the adapter died?  Has anyone else seen this issue before and had it be something else other than the adapter?


If it is the adapter, does anyone here have the skill to recap/repair these and want to make some money? :D

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Has anyone had any experience using these third-party adapters with their older Powerbooks?  They say they are compatible with a 180, but I figured I would see what you all think:









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