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Video adjustment tool (part number 949-0386)

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I agree with BadGoldEagle. Bamboo kebab sticks are cheap, work well for this use, and also are super useful for other things, like cleaning gunk out of cracks/seams on cases (sharp point doesn't mar plastic), mixing/applying glue and epoxy, non-conductive spacers to hold things apart, and many other things. Cheap and easy to get at just about any grocery store.

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I could make some with my 3d printer if there was some serious demand.



Don’t know about demand, but I like the idea! If you ever come up with something, with in reason, I’ll buy it!

Mean while I’ll have to settle for Chop- and bamboo sticks!  :p

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I use the "Universal Color TV Alignment Tool Set - ST-13" by Elenco to adjust my Color Classic's display. I bought the set on Amazon for $8.99. One of the tools fits perfectly into the socket.





I’ll check em’ out. Thank you for the tip!

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