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Anyone with a ROM-inator II programmer willing to program for me?

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I couldn't see myself wanting to reprogram it often/at all, so I didn't spend the $60+shipping on a programmer. But now I find myself wanting to change the ROM drive.  Anyone with a programmer willing to let me send them my ROM-inator II, have them program it, then send it back?  (I'd pay shipping both ways plus a few $ for your time, of course. And provide the disk image to write to it.)


I want to move my SE/30 server's System Folder + AppleShare 3 server folder to the ROM disk, then replace the hard drive with my SCSI2SD to host the actual file share.  Then I can disable the fan, and have a silent SE/30 file server!



For some reason, I thought that when you mounted the ROM drive in RAM drive mode, it made the image-on-ROM read/write, not just that it mounted the image into a RAM disk for that boot...  Also, I wish they had found a way to put the programmer circuitry on the ROM-inator II itself, but that probably would have driven the cost up considerably, considering the programmer already costs more than the ROM-inator itself...

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