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SCSI2SD Universal Mount

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I've been working on a universal mount for v6 and v5 SCSI2SDs that will easily install in most classic Macs and most likely other computers, too.  It looks like this:


The notch provides relief for the rather large plastic clips which hold the molex connector to the v5 boards.  The raised mounts keep the solder side pins off the surface.  You can use self tapping screws with your chosen pitch to thread the holes, then use nice screws to mount it.  Be very careful with the v6 board, as the traces are very close to the holes.  Use small head screws, consider a washer, and be very careful.


Here it is with the v6 card, on one of the aftermarket "slide" style HDD platforms that bolt above the floppy cage (there are holes on the bottom for surface mount applications):



Here it is with the v5 card in a standard drive cage:



It also fits in my IIsi, IIfx, and Q700 cages.


I haven't tested it in a 500 series, but I'm 99.82% sure it will not line up with the edge connector.


The mount didn't work with one of my SE/30s, with the upside-down drive orientation (the holes didn't line up), so I created a new revision that I will try to print tomorrow at the library if I can fit in.  If everything looks good, then I will attach the files here so you can print them out.  If you have access to a 3D printer at your library, it's pretty cheap.  I uploaded a version to Shapeways and it was about $17 including shipping, so that's pretty expensive for what could also be achieved with some cardboard.  But it is a neat permanent solution.

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Sorry for the delay.  It's hard to get print time with all the kids at the library queuing up Minecraft models.  Sheesh!

Anyway, here is the latest revision of the mount.





The new hole positions work in all my classic Macs, even the upside-down mount SE/30 guy.  Tested in:


SE bottom mount slide tray

SE/30 upside-down cage

IIsi bottom mount clip cage

IIfx drive cage

Q700 bottom mount clip cage


Good luck!  Let me know how yours turn out!








SCSI2SD Univeral Mount.zip

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Well, I'm not a shapeways guy, but I did load it up and just left it at mm.  The size should report as:
Cm:10.082 x / 9.882 y / 1.226 z
In:3.969 x / 3.891 y / 0.483 z
As far as material, I don't know.  I'm not even sure what the library printed mine as.  It's just a black hard plastic.  But I did have to run a drill bit through the holes to clean them out, then thread them with a self tapping screw.


I'm a bit of an amateur at 3D printing, so I'm not the best for advice.  Good luck!
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Well because the library printer isn't that good, the holes are often not regular shaped and sometimes have some plastic left inside of them.  So, I made the holes a bit smaller than #6 to act more like a pilot hole.  I think I sized them .09".  This way, I could run a 7/64" bit through the holes to clean them out, and get a uniform shape and size.  Then a #6 will self tap without fracturing.  I guess if you have a high quality printer that can make perfect holes, you will still need to drill them out to the proper size.

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Here it is with the v6 card, on one of the aftermarket "slide" style HDD platforms that bolt above the floppy cage (there are holes on the bottom for surface mount applications)


Aftermarket platforms? Got pics? Fabulous work!


Investing in real taps for a few sizes of machine screws spays off big time. You can get standard taper taps/matching drill bit pairs for a few bucks at Lowe's. I keep these pairs with the screw assortments so I don't have to dig out one of my three dedicated assortment and full sets of taps and dies. That way the "computer taps" are handy with the matching hardware assortments and the full sets stay full. No dies required for this stuff unless you need to dress up the threads on something like long 4/40 threaded rod standoff studs.


I picked up a full set of taps (Taper, Plug and Bottom types) for 4/40 machine screws to do clear plexi case parts. They look better if you bottom out holes drilled to the correct depth.



edit: 4/40 and 3mm are almost the same, but not identical.

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Thanks so much for designing this and freely sharing your work - it's very skillfully done. Using your model I ordered from Shapeways - it was a breeze to order and incredibly good value at $17.43 including UPS shipping to Australia!


The package arrived today and I replaced my quality "sticky tape and paper" installation with your Universal Mount:




I used 9mm 4G self-tapping screws which I already had in my shed. They needed a bit of pressure to screw in, but overall they worked really well and everything is now very sturdy.


I'm really happy with the result so thanks again for sharing your expertise.

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Nice! Great shots, ants.


Looking at that pic I can't help but think of printing an SE/SE/30 specific version that would bolt directly down through the slots at the rear of the FDD cage.


A version with clips to engage the slots when inserted and pushed forward using the standard mounting screws through a flange dropping down at the rear would be oh so very, very cool.


Looks like there's cubic that's close to an inch deep above the FDD cage to be harvested in that manner. There would be enough vertical clearance there for a card in the second passthru connector of the TriSlot PowerCache Adapter we're developing for the SE/30. [;)]]'>


You've inspired me to fab an aluminum plate to do just that for installing one of the little Savvio server drives in my /30. Direct adaptation is a lot more elegant than an adapter kluge for doing the same thing.




edit: forgot to add a plug for matched drill/tap sets for this kind of thing. All but a zero risk of cracking a print when using the proper tools.


They say "many hands make light work," which may be true for the most simple of tasks. But the right tool in the hands of the village idiot who knows how to use it trumps 'em all. [:D]]'>

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Trash80toHP_Mini - designing a mount that doesn't require disassembling most of the SE/30 to remove the drive would be great. I'm just waiting for the day that I break something or fry a board due to my stupidity.


And yeah in hindsight I probably should have drilled larger pilot holes for the screws I was using - as there was a risk I could have broken the mount with the pressure I was applying. Alternatively, getting shorter screws would have been safer - perhaps around 5mm.

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wow looks great,,, any chance for SCS2SD v4 mount? 

That seems very unlikely, unless you do it yourself, as V4 boards have not been manufactured in nearly three years. The percentage of all SCSI2SD devices out there which are V4 is _very_ small, I'd wager less than 1%, at this point.

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