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Macintosh Display Card 670, 820-0600-A

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I managed to connect an Eizo FlexScan SX2461W 27” to my IIcx using a 15DM/DF-10p adapter and a DVI to VGA cord. It work great, I can se a full spectrum of colors, except the halftone is overwhelmingly green.


What is happening and why all the green? I use a Nubus Macintosh Display Card 670, 820-0600-A


I have tried every display setting … what have I missed?


For now I use it monochrome.







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Hey- I am using a Radius PrecisionColor 8-xj (only 8bit) and vga connector to various LCD's. I tried to hunt down a VGA-DVI cable (I had one somewhere), but couldn't find it so couldn't test that. I think a lot of the Radius cards should have good results. There was discussion in a thread here and that's what lead me to the radius card.


It resolved my green issue that I had with the Macintosh Display Card 8/24, but depending on what LCD I hook it up to, I get various results. What resolution are you running at?


On my 24" LG widescreen it's stretched, but the colors are great. Using 1,4,6,7. I am using the same adapter you have btw.


On an old NEC multisync LCD, it's fine at 1024x768. At 640x460 the colors are great bit the screen is a tiny bit blurry.

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