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I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

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These machines came installed with Mac OS 9.2.2 and have the entire Microsoft suite as well as other valuable apps. It makes more sense to leave the software on the machines. Also these are the original 300MHZ clam's which don't have a firewire port, so it is impossible to clone data without removing the hard drive. I still have many clamshells left so if you are interested please PM me!



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I'm just posting to say well done. It is a very decent thing that you have done.


Looking at them now, I'd say that they'd make great games machines for young children (especially if you don't want them to have iPads and such like).

There are lots of educational and entertaining games from Tivola [http://macintoshgarden.org/author/tivola]. I buy them whenever I see them on sale.


They's also be good for LAN parties (say, Marathon). They are compact, stored away easily and if already configured, a gaming LAN can be set up within minutes.

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Great save!


I've also rescued older systems to donate for educational purposes locally and in Latin America and Africa. I typically travel once every 1-2 years.


I remember taking about twenty 3400c Powerbooks about ten years ago to Colombia. I bought ram upgrades and compatible pcmcia cards for them as well as a couple of routers to help set up two computer labs. I installed os 9, office and many educational titles for the children to use including Kid Pix, etc. I also set up a few with older At Ease software for smaller kids to use. I also created images of self-mounting cd-rom games like Just Grandma and Me, etc.


It was great seeing older Macs and software doing what they do best: bringing smiles to many little ones; in that instance very poor kids that might otherwise not get to use hardly any educational tech due to poverty.


I'm heading to Guatemala in three to four months, so maybe we can look at getting a few to donate there; I can set up some educational software once I get them here.. it'll be just like old times, just a lot more colorful this time around! [:)]]'>


Let me know your thoughts everyone!


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That's pretty awesome and a LOT of cash upfront, but if even it there had been only a small fraction  in working order then ~$7/each is a steal for sure. $60/each seems like a bit of a stiff hike to me, considering the base margin (ignoring time/battery cost).


basic approximation: $7 each IN = $700 > $60 each OUT = $6000 Of course it's easier to omit shipping, packing, and other costs.

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$75 shipped for a clean working unit is a good price, a bit below the value I've seen recently on eBay.


You have to remember there is the cost of his time to clean the units up, hauling the initial load, and storing this many iBooks until they all sell off.


Hopefully belgaonkar turns some profit so that the next time there is a huge lot of some neat system he can do this again (reselling them individually at a good price relative to the market value).

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I received one of each color on Friday, and they look great!


Both fired right up and-amazingly-have working batteries. I haven't tested the battery life yet, but it's at least enough that the computer will completely charge and will stay asleep if unplugged. Anything is a big improvement for me over my other Clamshells. I have a mix of factory and aftermarket batteries, and all are dead as a doornail.


In any case, I did have to do a bit of OS 9 magic to defeat the password on the tangerine, and ended up reinstalling OS 9 so that I could get the "official" OS 9 Tangerine desktop back.


I couldn't be happier, though. The ones I received have writing on the bottom rather than the top. I'm a chemist, and am going to take my time trying to get it off.


Thanks again!

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