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I have an iMac G3 revision B as part of my (very small) collection. Everything seems to be working great, but a couple of weeks back I noticed that every ten or twenty minutes or so after startup, the screen makes a small clicking sound and then flickers briefly (kind of like how the picture looks when degaussing a monitor, but not as dramatic) and returns to normal. There don't appear to be any adverse effects apart from the brief issue with the picture onscreen, but given its age I am a bit leery about the fact that this manifested relatively recently.


Could this be a problem with the analog board? As far as I'm aware no work has been done to the internals as far as caps or the CRT are concerned, so maybe it's a general indication that the machine is getting older and needs some revamping?

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That is a much more common issue for slot loading models.  However, from what you describe I can say quite confidently that you have an issue with the analog board, most likely a failing capacitor or flyback transformer.  The CRT itself is fine.

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Thanks for the responses. I'll be looking at recapping all the boards in the G3 once I get my hands on an SE/30 (so I can send those boards out at the same time) and see if that helps alleviate the issue. In the meantime, is there a way to determine if the flyback transformer is at fault through visual inspection?

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