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Anyone have a copy of this software (Mac version)? i found an old dos version online but i think itd be cool on the SE30! I even tried contacting wolfram who said that version 1.2 is no longer supported. Really? its only released in 1989 about 10 releases ago...Id love to get the .img in mac form. maybe the dos version will work but i doubt it...ill try but just wondering anybody got a copy?

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Can one get old versions of Mathematica licensed? I have a used, boxed set of "Enhanced Version 2.0". In it is a printed sheet with a "temporary key", and the registration card just has "registered by phone" handwritten on it.


I would put it on a machine for fun if I knew it would work. I don't know how picky Wolfram is about such things. I know - I should just call them, but thought maybe one of you would already know :)


I also have a version for NeXT on one of my Cubes. I think that will be OK as long as I keep the disk image along with the motherboard that it was licensed to, but it might be good to find out what the license situation is there as well.

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