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Hi All,


Apologies if this is in the wrong category.


Received a 12" RGB Display today, and the picture geometry is distorted.

I've attached two images - one was shot vertically, and one was shot horizontally.


Basically: the picture balloons out wider in the middle, there's a bright horizontal line, and a band above the bright line is stretched vertically.


Hoping to find out which component is faulty, and if a fix is viable?




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It could just need adjustment of the dials - try to find the vertical and horizontal sync (often marked as vsync or hsync)


That's the first thing I tried.


Adjustments in the back are:

-Vertical Position

-Horizontal Position

-Vertical Size


Vertical and Horizontal position adjustments move the picture as expected, but do not affect the distorted geometry.

Vertical size adjustment will adjust the size of the picture, and also move the location of the horizontal line and the associated distortion.

With the size adjusted to minimum, the horizontal line ends up at the top menu bar.

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Wow, bibilit -- that's definitely the same issue!

I'll watch the follow-up repair video; thanks!


*edit* the second video in the series does a great job of getting to the probable root of the problem, but no actual repair is completed to confirm, due to needing parts.


I wonder if Techknight has gotten the parts and finished this project.

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I never uploaded the rest of the content. The internet connection here where I live is well... I think I could do better with dialup. 


Yes this monitor is fixed. It was a handful of leaking capacitors near the yoke plug, and near the front of the unit by the horizontal drive transistor. Right next to big VERY TOASTY resistors. 


Also, dont keep running it until you fix it! it will eventually and very quickly blow out the horizontal output transistor. The monitor will quickly shut off and start chirping loudly. 

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Glad to hear you got it back up and running, Techknight!

After hearing how it went *poof* after you'd had it running, I resolved to not turn mine on again until I fixed it.


Any chance you could indicate the affected capacitors on a photo, or on a screen grab from your video? Do you happen to remember the cap values?


Thanks for your help - your videos are really informative.

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Well, there's a lot of cap goo in there.


That was my first time taking an anode cap off.

Phone went off just as I was doing it and nearly gave me a heart attack!


Technight, did you end up replacing TA8403K and LA7824 like you mused about in your video, or was this purely a cap problem?





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The culprit in this case was likely C418, a 2200uf 6.3v cap which leaked all over the place.


I also replaced:

C512 - 100uf 50v

C417 - 2200uf 35v

C920 - 2200uf 35v

C517 - 100uf 25v


I actually replaced these and tested the monitor before I swapped out C418 - with no change.

That is what leads me to suspect C418 as having been the problem the whole time. 

That, and the mess of fresh cap goo on the underside of it when I desoldered it.


Thanks everyone for the advice and direction! 

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