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Little by little I’m becoming more attached to these little macs.


They are the offspring of the Classic Macs and flag Apple’s rebirth from the ashes.


I’ve been focusing mainly in getting a SE/30 or Colour Classic and in the process I have given little attention to these inconspicuous machines.


But by the fifth complete tear-down and restoration I can assure you they are a resilient bunch and gorgeous looking machines, bridging our internet age to the analogue ways.

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If they weren't so bulky, I'd attempt to collect one of each. I'll stick to my upgraded Bondi Rev B for my Classic MacOS needs, as I barely have enough room for all of the notebooks and Powermacs I own...


Been there, done that.  While they are cool to look at, they take up a LOT of space when you get several of them together and in the end it would be better to just pick the one you like best and grab that.  Good ones are starting to get harder to find.

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Good ones are starting to get harder to find.




It's been almost twenty years since they've been presented.


And they are indeed bulky.


But I like the concept of stand-alone, and they are the off-spring of the good Apple – the one with Jobs and Ive…



“The back of this thing looks better then the front of the other guys, by the way”


“looks like it’s from another planet… and good planet… a planet with better designers”


EDIT: bad math...

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Let me warn you guys. DON'T EVER use a wheeled chair to put that iMac. If you're trying to lift it higher, call in a family member or butler to help you. If you do not, your hands will slip, the iMac will try to fall, and you are stuck holding a heavy but advanced drop of water. It didn't help that the iMac was sweaty...

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