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I've bought a Radius Pivot Color Card for my SE/30 a long time ago now. I also own the IIsi varient of this card, and I know it works on the SE/30 (PDS are electronically compatible) with a Samsung 17" Multisync LCD. I am using a DA-15 to VGA adapter, it has 8 switches (if memory serves) so you can set the correct resolution. I forgot what combination I used but I know I wrote it down somewhere. 


I think the two cards are pretty similar. So theoretically the same setup should work with the SE/30 specific card.

But I'm running in a few problems.


I tried installing the drivers from the MacGarden. I put these drivers there myself. I know they work since megabyte used them with his Pivot card and his SE/30 can now see the external monitor. Whereas the IIsi version didn't need any drivers to work, I think the SE/30 one does.

If someone has one of these, I'd like to know which drivers you have installed.


Also, I'd like to know if the "Macintosh Color Display", that's the 14 inch one, works with the Radius Pivot. The one I have at home doesn't display anything, I think it might be dead. I've bought an LCII. Does it work on the LCII without the need for a PDS video card? I'd like to test it with the LCII.


Help much appreciated! 

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Okay, I know this is old. But I think I've just had an Eureka moment. I'm just basically talking to myself here. But this might be useful to anyone experiencing issues with a Radius Pivot SE/30.


I think my card won't work properly on 7.5 because of its ROM.



papa_november had an issue with his Nubus Pivot card. The monitor showed a picture when attached to the card, but it was just a grey background with a Radius logo. The monitor did not show up in the Monitors control panel. His came with a version 2.2 ROM.


Now mine does show up in the Monitors control panel, but it thinks my LCD is a portrait display (so I get a weird resolution) and everything is blue, including the Radius Logo at startup. I have a version 1.0 ROM. It does that with and without the Radius drivers (which I know work because the ones I uploaded on the Mac Garden work for other members).

So I'd say the ROM isn't talking to the OS properly. It did say when launching the Radius Pivot control panel that it did not recognise the card in the PDS slot.

I know the ROM I have is not corrupted as "slots" (a software that can read ROMs from cards installed in a Nubus/PDS slot) reports the card as a Radius Pivot.


In his last post, he said that replacing the Nubus Pivot's ROM with one from the IIsi PDS version did allow him to use the card, even under 7.5.5.

I have one of those as well as I've pointed out in the first post. IIRC the IIsi card ROM's version is 2.4. And it DID work with 7.5.1.

Well, we'll just have to find out. I can't really do that at the moment (holidays) but I will report back as soon as I get results (good or bad).


NB: You only need the ▯Soft Pivot Driver which is an extension. Dynamic Desktop and Soft pivot (control panels) aren't necessary if you're not using a Pivot display.

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