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I've looked everywhere and I cannot find a clear and concise instructional for how to do this, so I'm asking here in hopes of somebody being able to direct me to some good instructions, or lay it out for me. 


What I want to do is format a HDD on a 575LC and do a fresh install of OS 7.5.3, similar to what you would do to a hard drive and an install of Windows 95. Can somebody clue me in on how to go about doing this?

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Do you have 7.5.3 on CD, or on floppies? If on CD, then it's as simple as inserting the CD into the drive and holding down "C" as the computer starts. I'm not sure how to boot from a floppy, but I think you just insert the floppy and boot the computer. You will probably need a separate bootable system disk, because I don't think the 7.5.3 floppies themselves are bootable.


Once you have booted from your removable medium, you can select the drive you want to format, go to the "Special" menu in the Finder, and select "Erase Disk", unless your Mac cannot read the drive, in which case it will ask you if you want to initialize it. Give your consent, and the drive will be formatted.

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