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ITT 2020 ( the first licensed Apple II clone )

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On behalve of our new forum member rfka01 I'm starting a topic about the ITT 2020. I have one for a long time. It's one of my first computers I started to collect, early '90s.

He is interested in a dump from the ROM to preserve it for emulation for future generations. I will share some of the information in this topic so more people can see what were doing and maybe contribute.


First of all I've made picture of the ROM chips. I also have a Apple II clone so I made a picture of the as well.





And now one of my Apple II clone:




And some more pictures:










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I started my ITT2020 and found out that it is not working OK. There are ( after pressing on the RAM chips to get them better attached to the board) questions marks, but no blinking cursor. Also there is no startup beep.

Also nothing happens when I push the enter button.


See how it looks:




Anyone knows what is wrong? Keyboard error??


ps to be sure I checked the speaker. It is working OK. The old trick with a battery... Connect it short to a battery and you will hear a lot of noise!

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A big thanks to mactjaap for agreeing to read the ROMs from his ITT2020. Knowing the ROMs were Apple licensed and should be identical to those of a simple Apple II is one thing, but having them preserved is another.


My motivation vor contacting mactjaap was that the emulation of the 2020's sister machine, the CP/M ITT3030 was gaining traction in the MAME emulator project. You can find the relevant thread here




It would be nice to include the 2020 as well - the first Apple II compatible for the European market with PAL video output.


mactjaap, if you have any ITT2020 specific software, e.g. the original DOS 3.2 or any graphics software that exploited the added features, it would be great if you could image those disks as well.



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