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Mac plus terminator problems

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IIRC, the Mac Plus does not supply Termination Power (which is different from Termination).   Check the hard drive for a jumper to enable Termination Power (Term. Pwr., perhaps) from the hard drive.


Otherwise, do you know that you have a good drive and good SCSI cables?


Oh, and if the drive isn't initialized, you'll need to run a disk utility first to prepare the drive.  That means booting from a floppy first, unless you have another external hard drive.   If the drive is not from Apple you'll need a third party disk utility such as FWB's Hard Disk ToolKit or Silverlining, or APS's Powertools.

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What type of SCSI cable are you using? The Thin DB25 to Centronics 50 are lousy cables that always causes problems. Use the fattest cable(s) you can find.


Also where is this "passive" connector connected too on the chain?  Between the device and the Mac Plus or on its own on the second port not connected to the port? The Terminator should be the last thing on the chain and not between devices.

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If the SCSI Cable is as thin as an old Parallel Printer Port Cable, then its a thin SCSI Cable.


The best SCSI Cables to use are the ones with the Apple Logo on them, which are hard to find, but they thick. BUT there are some counterfeit ones that are thin.


The difference between the two is that the thick ones are 28 or less cable strands in it, and the thick has over 40 cable strands in it. The thin ones are very susceptible to electronic noise and EMI.

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