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non destructive Compact Mac mod to LCD - Mac Mini?

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Hi folks...
I saw this interesting mod to a 1984 Mac.  The CRT was swapped out for a LCD.  The Mac now supports USB and some other cool features.  It is running Snow Leopard.
What I like best about it, is that it is a non destructive mod.  If you like, you can put the original hardware back in the case and return it to normal:

Probably everyone but me knows about this already.  This mode was done in 2010.
Rather then The cube, I have been looking at the Mac mini.  The mini is so small that I believe I can use some ideas from the above to install it in a dead Color Classic case with out altering anything.
But I have problem.  I like CRT screens, but not a big fan of LCD or LEDs. 
I would like to marry a Mac mini to the CRT in my dead Color Classic.
Where on the web can I read up on how to do this?  I would not like to re invent the wheel if someone has already drawn out a circuit diagram on how to do this.  I suspect someone has taken HDMI out and built a box that would output something that a CRT can take.  This probably has nothing to do with Apple computers.  I am not sure where to start looking...

Anyone have any information on this, or can you point me to some web sites to read?
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And here is a i Mac to Color Classic mod where the original Color Classic CRT is used:




Note that the above uses the Color Classic VGA hack step # 1 and # 2 here:




I thought that mod put additional stress on the board or other hardware? 


Techknight posted this re VGA mods to the Color Classic:




Perhaps this is a safer way to go, and then port the CRT to the mac mini?


I need to fully digest Techknight's mod before I go any further.  But it looks like a mac mini to Color Classic CRT will work...




Feedback appreciated.





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You'll be stuck at 640x480.  May be a bit difficult to operate the machine.


I believe the Color Classic has a deeper chassis than the other compacts to accommodate the yoke on a color CRT.  You might be able to find a suitable substitute 9" VGA monitor that can do higher resolution.


I bought one not too long ago that could do 1024x768, but it was about an inch too long.  Just barely too big.

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Thanks for the feedback olePigeon....


Are you saying that the Mac mini may not want to run at 640 X 480?  I guess that would be a real problem.


My life would be much easier if I had a CRT that would do VGA/ 1024 X 768.  I am so happy with Sony CRTs.  I should look around.  Thanks for the tip!



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olePigeon and all....
Reading more in detail, I found this:

One final video note: Mac OS X (all versions) will automatically reset the connected monitor to 800x600 (SVGA) during installation and start-up. This obviously creates problems for this hack. To get around this, connect an external monitor to the appropriate pins on the motherboard during installation. You can then use SwitchRes ($15 shareware) to switch resolutions with a single keystroke. Set an unused F-key to trigger the resolution switch in SwitchRes, then use AppleScript to record pressing that key. Save the script as an application and add it to your login items. Now, every time you start up, the screen will go to 800x600 for a while and then, on login, switch back to 640x480 automatically.

Would a solution like the above, as sloppy as it is, work for a Mac mini to CC CRT marriage?
I spent all night looking for 10" SVSG CRTs.  My eyeballs are about to fall out and I have little to show for it.

I found a post that said the Miracle MT317 10" Color SVGA CRT was built with the proper "form factor" for a Color Classic build.
I went searching for a Miracle MT317 10" Color VGA CRT.  I only found one, factory sealed in a box on ebay for $1,789.00:

If that link is broken, it is ebay item # 221736984260
I sent email to the seller asking for a data sheet.  For me, I am looking for a $50 CRT I can use. Who has that kind of money.....
The only other VSH or SVSH CRT I could find was this guy:

Again, no data sheet.
Any thoughts anyone?  I need to sleep and then go over the above in detail to see if it would work.  I will be sure to buy coffee today.
Probably someone has put a Mac mini in a Color Classic and re used the CRT.  But I can not find anything on the web about it. 
Have I missed it?
Feedback welcome.


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