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MacTCP apps freeze when Asante EN/SC is attached.

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I'm trying to get an Asante EN/SC working with my IIci, and I'm not having any luck.


I tried installing a fresh copy of 7.1.1 Pro, as well as a fresh copy of regular 7.0.  No luck.  I've tried it with the latest MacTCP and the version that comes with the Asante installer.  Again, no luck.  Fetch, Netscape, etc. all freeze when I try to launch them while the EN/SC is attached.  I've tired it alone and in a SCSI chain.  I've tried it terminated and unterminated.


They work fine when I use my NuBUS ethernet card.


Interesting part is that when it's apart of the SCSI chain, the CD-ROM activity light blinks after launching Fetch and it freezes.  So I guess it's using the SCSI for something, it's just not doing it right.


Any ideas?

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Have you tried disabling extentions that are not required.  I would guess a conflict if hardware wise its accessing the chain but is freezing when computer is used.  Have not messed a bunch with these, but back in the day freeppp used to fix alot / smooth over network issues.

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Hmm.  May have been using a 25 pin Parallel cable instead of a SCSI cable.  Alta Vista tells me that they're not interchangeable.  I'll need to go get a proper 25-pin SCSI cable.  That could be difficult, as I'm sure most people these days wouldn't know the difference.

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