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Color Classic PDS Networking Options

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Three networking card options are readily available to add ethernet to Color Classic via PDS:

  • Farallon Ethermac LC
  • AsanteLite LC
  • Apple Ethernet Twisted Pair LC 

What I can't seem figure out is which of the three is best and most reliable, not to mention multi system version compatible. Anyone have any advice? I am going to use it on a LC550 upgraded CC. 


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They are the best best names in Apple/Mac networking.


The Apple Ethernet Card should be the most compatible across System 7.1 to 7.6 and beyond as its drivers are the ones on the System install CD (should be "Ethernet LC" or "LC Ethernet" extension). The other two might need their own drivers, if not they should work with the Apple Driver though I could be mistaken.


The easiest would be the Apple Card as its drivers are already on the System Install Disks/CD.

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Awesome, thanks for confirming native support for the Farallon. I did not get deeply into Hardware until the PCI PMacs, so some of the older NuBus and PDS stuff bring up questions. Sometimes I wish I had kept all the old MacZone catalogs from eons back just to reference what was paired with what. 

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