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Apple HD20 and SE/30

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IIsi is compatible... IIfx and SE/30 is not compatible.


you can use the HD20 with the SE/30 if you change the rom with a IIsi rom.

or if you get in contact with Dougg3 he sells rom simms that you can load up what ever rom you want.


but naturally only these machines will work with the HD20





Classic II

any mac se 8mhz

mac portable

powerbook 100 with some cable hackage

LC 1 but only with Floppy Port B internal

Mac Plus

Mac II from internal floppy port

LC 2 with SWIM chip mod


With the IIsi rom you can use that same rom in the IIcx and the SE.30 to gain 32bit clean + hd20 support


also don't forget about BMOW's Rominator,  that you can install in the 128k and the 512k to gain native HD20 support as well...

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IIRC, you can read and write to it but you can't boot from it. Support for booting from the HD20 was removed from the SE/30's ROM.

Some people are still having problems connecting their HD20 to their SE/30, like James Wages. Some hack is required to boot from it I think.

I thought the issue was that you couldn't write to it?


As I recall, Apple had a means for reading the contents from the drive to copy your files off of it from an SE, but not to continue writing to the drive.

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I am curious, what are the benefits (and/or drawbacks) of upgrading the SE/30 ROM other than the ability to have full use of the HD20? I like to keep my machines relatively original where I can, but I also don't want to miss out on beneficial upgrades.

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Look up the MacIIHD20 INIT.


I've heard of this, but never seen it. Do you have a link where it can be found? 


An init would be nice, but still not as good as having support in ROM, because you couldn't actually boot from the HD20 if you need to load an init from another disk first.


I would certainly believe that special disk transfer software could also allow for HD20 access from an SE/30. There's no physical incompatibility, after all, it's just lack of a suitable disk driver in ROM.


A replacement ROM would give the SE/30 built-in HD20 support, as well as make it natively 32-bit clean. And if you get the dougg3 rom simm, you can also get other goodies like a built-in bootable rom disk, custom startup chime, custom happy mac icon, skip the ram test, etc.

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