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Oooooo.... looks like you got a SCSI Upgrade to your 512K, and a ROM Upgrade too (to recognize the SCSI). Depending on the upgrade, you might have RAM added as well, but this along says you for external SCSI on your 512K Mac so its more like a Mac Plus! (I'm so jealous! I had a couple of these long ago.)

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Thanks Elfen

Ive bin pulling out a few things lately,this is one of them,all so 2X 5-1/4 drives, some 400/800k drives and some 400k disk,Games,apps Wow dont even no what i have any moor.i no there was a cuppl. 7" drives that came with that 512 an a bunch of other stuff in that hall,gonna have to take a peek in side the 512,befor i power it up.keep u posted

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