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Unusual fan in an SE

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The first round of SEs did have that fan. It was found to be noisy so Apple issued a "silent" recall and replaced the fans with the standard box fans. If you look at the board, you can see it has mounts for both styles. So someone at Apple was thinking. Remember the SE was the first compact with a fan. With the recall, the squirrel fan units are a little harder to come by. But since the SE was a well sold machine in bulk, its not hard to come across a large quantity from a university, or such, that still have the original fans. I think the first one I saw was a couple years ago, before that never an SE with one. Now I have several.

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I bought an SE from it's original owner, and it had one of these fans. I upgraded it to the later box fan, but in retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have? I still have all the parts from the old fan, so I could always put it back if I *really* needed to.



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I imagine 2000 watts is its rated output power. Assuming 70% AC to RF efficiency, it could draw over 2800w- meaning 800w of heat for that fan to move! Uni, I'm curious if I'm even close. What's the supply voltage, is it AC or is there an external power supply?

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240V service these days is fairly uncommon, without one requesting such.


My house is a mess. 100A service, 15 amp circuits from the 70's. Needs to all be ripped out and throw away.

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