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Powermac G5 2.0ghz x2 with PCIX and 6800 Ultra

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I have a couple PCIE DP 2.0 Ghz G5s and the original AGP/PCI model single 1.6ghz but was looking for a dual processor PCIX. Well I found a dirty one on ebay sold as-is that looked like it had 8 memory slots and the OEM 256MB Nvidia 6800 ultra video card and took a chance.


The machine has some scratches and was missing the metal side door but otherwise works like a charm. It came with a working 250GB hard drive not show in the pics and an 80 GB intel 2.5" SSD bouncing around inside (seems to work fine using a USB external case). My spare PCIE G5 donated its side door (that unit has crushed handles, keeping it just for spare parts anyway). Loaded OSX 10.5 on it with 4x1GB DIMMS, have another 4 if needed to max it out (came with stock 2x512MB RAM).


Not too bad for $44ish shipped.



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Can't complain for that price. :) My 2.0DP PCIX was relegated to a dank corner as a parts hack a long time ago after the U3 and possibly also a CPU went bad... I replaced it with a DC 2.0 PCIE and never looked back.


All I can really say is, good luck with that machine... you will need it!

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Its a first generation machine (Powermac G5 7,2) which were supposed to have bad QC I think.


Generally if it still works now maybe I will be lucky with it. Mostly I just wanted a G5 PCI-X machine to install a video capture card into sometime down the road. I already put in an Adaptec 31960 SCSI card and the correct driver so that works.


The PCIE machines are better built and can hold 16GB of RAM, but there are not that many PCIE cards that will work in them and finding a decent video card is hard as well.

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