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Request: NCSA MacMosaic Source Code

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Was wondering if anyone has ever come across the NCSA Mosiac Source for Mac or Windows? It was only available by request. I've been attempting to track it down for the past couple of weeks, contacting the original developers both at NCSA and SpyGlass. NCSA seem to have lost their copies, and the current owners of SpyGlass (OpenTV) no longer have the original source.


So I'm attempting to widen the search :) Did you or anyone you know work as NCSA, SpyGlass or OpenTV, or worked at another NCSA/Spyglass licensee? Did you attend a university who had access to the Windows/Mac Mosaic Source? 


I'm hoping if the source can be found (and admittedly it's looking like a long shot), that the University of Illinois will grant permission for the code to be published.

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