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Novy Mac20 Accelerator Card

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Hi Everyone


I've been meaning to post photos of this excellent 68020 accelerator card for the Macintosh SE line. 

A researcher of physical sciences used this machine as a daily driver, later retiring it for a Quadra 800. 

When I received the machine, it was running a very old version of the Novy extension which wasn't running correctly.  A huge effort was made to track down the latest version of the Novy utility for better System 7 compatibility.  I succeed and found the installation easy.

The performance boost in general use is noticable, for example scrolling windows is smoother.


The delay in providing photos was the board was too big for me to remove with the Novy fitted.  I have since figured out the safe way to remove it.


I believe this card is quite rare.  From memory the Novy company must have been bought out by Daystar, as the latest INIT for the card features their logo.  The old version didn't.




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I've ever heard of compatibility issues based on a generational difference for the SE.


IIRC, installation instructions for the Radius 16 detailed stretching the chassis sides out for installation/removal of the MobBo/Card combo. Radius followed Apple's design guidelines for an SE PDS card to a point, but most accelerators for the SE needed to exceed the footprint of the spec of the PCB in order have enough surface area.

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It's not easy.  To install it you first connect the power cable, then insert the right side of the board into the rail.  You then have to gently pry the chassis apart about 1/16" with your left hand while pushing the board to the right, then pop in the left side of the board.  Nudge it the rest of the 1/4" or so into position.

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EEK! Just one more thing! 8-o


We all forgot to mention electrostatic discharge protection/damage. The chassis really should be grounded and a grounding wrist strap attached to the same ground point should be seen in that video. Instructions for touching the case (grounded by the power cord) of the first Signmaker machine before touching anything else and maintaining contact with it while changing bare PCB Font cartridges (only ROMs onboard the cartridges and the support edge under the cover port on the console was unpainted bare metal IIRC) was very highly stressed. I'm not sure if maintaining contact with the ungrounded Chassis of the SE whilst fiddling with the mobo/Analog Board like that is enough protection, but I've gone by that "maintain contact with the bare metal chassis" admonition from those 8bit days on to the present. 

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Same thing for my Plus/Drexel128k with the MicroMac Accelerator. With no RAM on board it's fairly low profile but needs the stretch apart process.


It wasn't until the SE with its low profile/parallel to the MoBo PDS expansion capability and slotted chassis that any card of any kind could be installed  in a compact without using the chassis stretch method. Even then, oversize/out of spec PDS accelerators generally required the stretch.

The vertical PDS card spec of the SE/30 was far superior, as the card was installed/removed prior to the MoBo procedure.

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What accelerator do you have in there?


I wish I knew. its some no-name thing that I cant find any data on. I wish I had the drivers because the extra RAM it doesnt see, sees it as an 020 instead of an 030, and the OS doesnt see the FPU either. Plus it hangs on Special/Shut Down. Otherwise it works fine. 

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