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Macintosh SE Random Sad Mac Errors

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The Macintosh SE I acquired about 2 years ago seems to be having intermittent issues, that seem to have gotten worse since I've owned the machine. Basically, sometimes when the machine is powered up, it doesn't chime and instantly throws a Sad Mac error. Other times, the Sad Mac will appear randomly while the machine is running. My best guess to the cause of this issue would be bad solder joints on the logic board (as slightly jolting the machine seems to make it work again), but I'm not really sure. Bad contact with RAM could also be a problem, as the contacts look to be of questionable integrity. I've already recapped the analog and power supply boards, so bad caps there shouldn't be an issue. The only work I've done to the logic board is install a CR2032 battery holder, as to replace the original PRAM battery (these Sad Mac issues were still present before doing this modification). If anyone knows what the problem could be, let me know. Pictures of various different Sad Mac errors I've gotten are attached.




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