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This symbol means that no valid system has been found to boot properly.


The Hard disk has no system installed properly, of more likely the hard drive is bad or missing.

The hard drive on the place. How I can to install a new operating system ? I have only laptop, doc station and floppy disk and PowerBook 1400cs

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If the hard drive is there, chances are that it went bad.


Go to the 1400 and see what OS is it running on. If it is running System 7, you might be in luck. the Duo 230 uses a 68030 CPU, not a PowerPC that the 1400 uses but System 7 can run on both.

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You can use a USB floppy drive with WinImage or HFVExplorer.  'Burn' floppies from Windows to use on Powerbook.  Or, you can use an external SCSI CD drive with the Duo.

I need to burn floppy disk and write on it a WinImage or HFVExplorer programm ? I can use a floppy drive in dock station :) 

Where I can find a instruction about install Mac os from floppy on this dinosaur ? :)

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