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My First Victory - 128k Dark on Boot - Analog Board Solder Joints

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I thought I'd share news of my first victory, and man does it feel awesome!    It goes to show that even a rookie foot soldier in the 68k Mac Liberation Army can win a battle from time to time.  Luckily this one was easy, but the payoff was a huge win for me.


I found a non-working 128k on ebay.  It wouldn't boot, and the case and keyboard mouse were badly yellowed.  When I first booted it, I got the startup sound, but the screen was competely dark.  After research online, I found that the solder joints on the analog board for the connector from the analog board to the logic board were the most common problem.  I touched up the joints with fresh solder on the analog board, and voila!  Life is good.


I also de-yellowed the case, mouse, keyboard using the common de-yellowing technique that included hydrogen peroxide, UV light (from sun), xantham gum, and glycerine.


I now have an original 128k Macintosh that looks brand new and works great!  This will be a prize possession on mine for the rest of my life.  I love these machines.  I'll be using a SE30 with 6.0.8 to create disks from backups for the 128k (MacWrite, MacPaint, the Ancient Art of War, Deja Vu, and over course the classic games Airbourne!, Amazing, Hot Air Balloon, and some others.  I'm on the top of the world.  I have literally 1000s of old diskettes that were my fathers (and mine growing up).  Time to get some beer, pop on some Ferris Bueller's Day Off in the garage, and start reading through these disks.  Many of them still read perfectly.


Ok, well hopefully this helps inspire other newbies with the fact that sometimes there are quick wins out there!  Good luck


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