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My apple IIe card is defective! Why?

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Well i have been messing around with these things for a couple years now and i have came across all kinds of various situations with them.


- First i would like to say that 99% of the time your Apple IIe card is not acutely defective.




Even though there is only 2 caps on this thing, ( 22uf 25v) those caps and the orientation of the card when its installed

causes an interesting and damaging flow of the cap goo.





So first step is to remove those 2 caps, clean the pads then take it to the sink and wash all that cap goo off.

use a tooth brush and make sure to get all around the PDS connector and Oscillator, because that crap creeps up

all over the place and under I/C's and under the PDS Connector too.


ok and after the Wash, The compressor Dry and the installation of 2 new caps...

pop in in and try it.


It will either work or not,  so like a good most of the time this is all it really needs but some of time

the card will still say that its defective and i have found out why.


That cap goo, has leaked into the pds connector and gets wicked into the array of pins.

and funny things happen.  Like Rot and electrolysis takes place, witch pretty much means the pin looks like its there

and all is well, but really its not.





you may notice that you are already missing some or even one….

witch you might find interesting.


--- you should not have any missing.


But even if they are all there, (and the IIe SW tells you its defective, even after the clean and cap job) get some needle nose pliers and slightly wiggle those pins as marked, back and forth

-- don't be an ape about it, you don't want to break off obvusly good pins,  but you might notice one or maybe more

of them, you might not even get a slight wiggle in and the pin just falls right out.

- you might freak out, well its ok, because that pin was rotted and not even making a good connection in there any ways.


so keep going even if you find one, or have some broke,  check all the ones in the circle at atleast or check all of them just

to be sure… ( if you have the time )


i'v had 7 of these bastards fall out on me for the worst case, but most of the time its just one or 2.


I'v found the best way to fix this is to use a solder sucker and desolder the reminant of the pin, on the pcb

then push it straight through, and then grab it and pull it out. if the rot is really bad you might have to use a dental

pick and push it through more with that in order to get a hold of the bit and pull it out.

squirt some acetone in the hold and try to tooth brush it out.


Seems like a machined header tooth matches up ok enough, so you can yank one out of a 2.54mm single or double row

if you have any on hand, slide it through and solder it in palce, and most likely it will work once again.

here is a link if you need some





*** also i would like to say that having the wrong software can also tell you your card is defective as well.

so, if you apple iie card has never worked, do the clean / re-cap first and if there is not any pins already missing

none seem lose or wiggle easily, then make sure to check the software version there was a couple versions and try it again.





Apple IIe Card: Requires SW Ver. 2.2.1 with System 7.1 (7/94)

If I upgrade my Macintosh LC II with an Apple IIe Card to System 7.1, what version of software do I need for the Apple IIe Card?
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
To use the Apple IIe Card on a Macintosh LC II, Macintosh LC III, or Performa 400 series running System 7.1 or System 7.1P, you need version 2.2.1 of the Apple IIe Card software. You should upgrade to version 2.2.1 ONLY if you are using System 7.1.

Any error listed "Error Type 1" through an "Error Type 4", an error 10019, a "defective card error", and/or a partial screen in the IIe mode are indicators of the incorrect version of the IIe Card software.

You can purchase a software upgrade kit to upgrade older Apple IIe card software.

You can use the Apple IIe Card software version 2.2 with the original Macintosh LC, but it's not required.

Article Change History: 
06 Jul 1994 - Reviewed for technical accuracy. 
23 Nov 1993 - Revised to add current version of software. 
12 Jul 1993 - Revised to add Macintosh Performa 400 series.


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