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Calling All THINK Pascal Programmers: Hermes II Needs You!

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Yes, some would say that THINK Pascal is an old, dead programming language, and maybe they are right.


However, the fact is that the only true PC-ANSI-based, Macintosh BBS software that remains alive today is Hermes II, which I happen to use on my own BBS, the Armageddon BBS.


In fact, as I explain on the official Armageddon BBS website -- see the URL in my sig below -- just a few weeks ago, I compiled the latest version of Hermes II -- 3.5.11 -- using the open source code which Michael Alyn Miller -- the current owner and most recent developer of Hermes II -- has generously made available on the GitHub website.


Not only that, but I have written a detailed, easy-to-follow tutorial which will help any Mac OS X user to compile the Hermes II BBS source code on their machine -- even with Yosemite -- using SheepShaver or Basilisk. You will find it in the links section on the Armageddon BBS home page.


The thing is, Hermes II has been open source for almost two years now, but sadly, no one has taken up the challenge to update it, or more importantly, to port it to Mac OS X.


It would no doubt be challenging and a time-consuming task to do this, but it would really be great if Hermes II was available to Mac OS X users in a modern interface, and not have to be run in Mac Classic mode via SheepShaver or Basilisk II.


If you visit the Armageddon BBS home page, you will see that other than the right version of the MPW development environment -- which I hope to get from Michael soon -- I have everything you need to start enhancing and modernizing Hermes II. Some of it can be found in the links at the bottom of the home page, while others  you can download directly from my actual BBS, or from my Hotline server.


In short, other than the right version of MPW, I already have all of the tools that you need.


So how about it? Are you ready to dust off your THINK Pascal programming skills and give Hermes II a modern makeover?


Maybe if you visit my BBS and poke around, you will get inspired and motivated to help out. Maybe that nostalgia for the old days will kick in.


Why don't you give it a shot and see what happens?


Just telnet to armageddonbbs.com or to Both should work.


And BTW, I already have a list of things that I would like to see improved in or added to Hermes II. I am not a programmer, as otherwise, I would do some of it myself.


The ball is in your court!





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Yes, I was quite surprised to see you log on with a smartphone. I had read that there are telnet clients for some smartphones, the iPhone included, but I have wondered about exactly what kind of user experience a mobile phone can provide for a BBS. I don't own or use any mobile devices myself, just desktop computers.


Can you tell me if you were seeing the screens similar to what I have posted on the following page:




Better yet, if you can post an image or two of exactly what you are seeing with your smartphone, I would be appreciative In fact, if they are good, I might include them as examples of a smartphone login on the Armageddon BBS website, with your permission, of course. :)

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It displays with a few issues, but is useable. Just not ideal. Haven't found a telnet client on this phone that works correctly yet. Its hard to type cause when you type it lags before it responds (have to wait 1-10 seconds between key presses). But all of these issues are with the client itself.

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Wow! One to ten seconds between typing each character???


Ouch! How do you endure such misery? :)


BTW, sorry I missed you in chat. I logged on to the BBS, and then went into public chat, the very second that you logged off.


Anyway, I hope you find a better telnet client . . . or use a decent desktop computer. :D


I'm off to make some breakfast.

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I want to be able to use my performa 475, and maybe even my llgs.


Your Performa will definitely work if you've got a telnet client for it. If not, I have a stripped down version of the Public Address BBS software which will do exactly that. All you have to do is select "Open Telnet Terminal" under the "Ports" menu. PA  is available on both my BBS, as well as on my Hotline server, I believe.

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It doesn't display properly either on PT100 (which is a VT100 terminal emulator) or NewtsCape which is my (and possibly the) preferred Newton browser. There is one program - EZConnect that purports to offer ANSI support. There were also discussions about ANSI support about 5 years ago on some boards - mostly about porting an ANSI font, apparently. I'm not set up to transfer files from my computer right now and the only versions of the pretty obscure EZConnect are all .zip [i have no idea if Newton can actually unzip and then install but I'd guess not]. So I'll have to attempt connecting through EZConnect another time.

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