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Appleless Newton 2100?

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Anyone have the seemingly short-lived version of the Newton with an "N" logo in place of the Apple logo? I have only handled one, I think it was a blue circle with a yellow N. In a curious internet search, I have yet to see one like it. I am not sure if it was a one-off or if there was a rebrand after the spin-off and just before final termination.

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As far as Apple Logos, its rare to find a mini one (used on most Macs) that is straight if you look at em! Drives me nuts. Put a ruler on the colored lines and it really stands out. The change to the round makes sense, I just wonder if any were produced with the Newton logo instead. Or if the one I held was a one off.

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"During the time the MP2100 was being readied for market, the Apple logo-shaped molding on the face of the 2000 was changed to a circular indentation that was intended to hold the Newton Inc logo. By the time the units arrived from Sharp (the Japanese manufacturer of the original MessagePads and the MP2000/2100), Steve Jobs had reabsorbed Newton back into Apple proper. The final MP2100 cases have an Apple logo painted in the slightly wrong-looking round spot, while the Newton logo and the words "Newton Technology" are silk-screened in the upper left face of the unit. This obvious patch job is a constant reminder of what Newton might have been."



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