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Web server for Macintosh 512K

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I was able to get my Macintosh 512K web server running and on the internet for current RetroChallenge.  It is running System 2.0/Finder 1.1g  with 64K ROMs.  Here is a link to my web page with a link to the server.:




It is still running the default lwIP web page.

I am pretty close to getting it to run in 128K, but it is still a little too big. It runs easily in a virtual 256K Mac.

Let me know how well, or if, it works.

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What a great achievement. I'm really flabbergasted!

I'm working now for 25 years with old Mac's and never have seen something like this before!

A web server on a 512K! This is what I see in the header:


Status: HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-type: text/html



I have tried myself to achieve something with a web server. My best effort was a rebuild of the Pascal code for TCTExample to a kind of web server:



But on a 512K.... GREAT! It means you get TCP/IP running on one of the smallest equiped Mac's. I'm looking forward to your effort on a 128K.


Could you share a disk image if possible? I would really love to try it!

I will read you blog about this all!


An other question. You talk about emulated 512K. What do you use for that? Basilisk II?

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I am planning on getting a distribution ready this weekend. The server is currently running on a REAL original Macintosh0, upgraded to 512K RAM.  I have been doing some testing on Mini vMac with some modifications I adapted to support the mac serial ports (see my web site). I have been using that to test it on a virtual128K (which doesn't work yet) and a virtual (and nonexistant) 256K Mac (which does appear to work).


I will try to get a whole image together with the modified Mini vMac and a 400K disk with the program on it.   

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Great! I'm really looking forward to test it. On my Linux box I have a null modem cable to a 512K Mac and I once did a SLIP connection on that. See:



Never tried a PPP, but I guess that will be the trick to get to the 512K. I will read your web site how you setup the PPP connection in the first place.

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I have the book PISM - Providing Internet Services on Macintosh (circa 1999), and I used run web service on classic Macs, and other services (Email, FTP, Gopher, Unix-like Talk Chat/IRC, and so on) for the community center computer room I a running then. Much of the software can run on a Mac 512K on System 6.04, though they could use a lower system but I never tried it on a lower system. Years later I also had the book Running MacHTTPD - which was a tiny version public domain version of Webstar 4.0. Throw in a few plug-ins, and it was "Kick Ass" on what one can do with an old Mac!


If it counts, I still run Webstar 5.0 on my old Duo 210 for experiments and cgi coding practice. It's been running that since 2002, and MacHTTPD since the late 1990s.

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That depends. I need to re-research what I have. There was a TCP stack for System 6 that as not MacTCP, using AppleTalk 2.0. AppleTalk 1.0 would not work with it as I remember, because the buffer sizes were too small and its bandwidth too slow.


I still have much of my original software and the two books.

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OK! Put my 512K on the Internet now. You can see it on:



Had to do some ugly way with netcat to get it pass all of my routers.... but it works!

(only no image because it has a relative URL in it.... but that's a minor detail.)

The page is grabbed live from the Mac 512K... Will try to keep him online next 24 hours....



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