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Hi :beige: ,


i recently bought a Lisa 2/5 with keyboard and Profile 5MB on Ebay, The lady wasnt working due to corrosion on the motherboard and i/o board :( But after spending hours of cleaning and fixing some minor issues (like the reset was stuck on low because of a broken reset button) i finally could make it to the starting screen :b&w:


Ok so far, but now i figured out that the keyboard doesnt work at all. Its not just the foam issue (most of the pads were still looking good..i assume :b&w: ),but i couldnt get it work even if i touched the pads on the keyboard pcb slightly with my fingertips after removing the keyboard tray.


Does someone have an idea what i have to look for to get the keyboard working again? Or do i have to look for another keyboard....


Btw its an upgraded Lisa 1 (i assume) with Applenet id 00100075, Manufactured 83060 (march 1983) and ROMs F/A8. The Profile HDD fails self test (the drive cant read Track 77, for reason unknown).



Any help would be appreciated :) I also need a mouse, if some1 could spare one very cheap... :)

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Hi Storm08.  Congratulations on the Lisa!


That is really early.  I actually received one today AppleNet# 00100302 mfg date 83076 and I thought that was early :)


Anyway, does the mouse work?  They are both controlled by the same 40 pin 6522a VIA chip on the I/O board at D7.  The Lisa actually has two of those chips.  The other at D5 controls the parallel port so you may want to try to swap those and see if that helps.


I'm not sure your finger is enough to simulate a keypress.  If you have an ESD bag (the kind that chips or boards come in), they are mylar and the same material the keypads use.  You can try to make a little circle and try that on your finger tip.


Good luck and keep us posted.

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You finger is enough to simulate a keypress.

If you have an oscilloscope you can poke the output pin of the keyboard and see if it's transmitting anything. Like everything else on the Lisa, it all connects to the logic boards through the edge connectors of the chassis and backplane. Actually, the Lisa should throw an error if the keyboard is not detected, no?

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